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Tage is native to Salt Lake City, UT.  Being raised in the state has led him to help educate his local and out-of-state clients. Tage is well versed and extremely comfortable representing clients that are enthusiasts of the great outdoors and promotes all the beauty and wonder Utah has to offer.   From a young age Tage has always been curious about investing and what real estate could offer as a means to a secure future. Not knowing that his curiosity would lead him to his current position and success as a Realtor. Tage's knowledge and love for Real Estate exceeds some that have been in the industry for many years. He has proven that he is going to be a force in this industry and continues to grow and exceed the expectations set upon him. 

Tage's clients have said “that from the moment he walks them through the door they can feel he cares and it is his desire to make sure it is the  best and most professional experience possible." Tage has set his sights high and really enjoys working with  First Time Home Buyers. They have been his main focus from the start of his career and he feels that if someone can walk them through the process and help educate them along the way it will lead to more open communication in the future when they are ready to buy or sell again. Tage has set high standards for his business that it is not transactional, it is not a one-and-done relationship; but a long lasting relationship served by trust, education and communication that will lead to many happy families moving in the right direction together with him. 

 In his free time Tage enjoys playing basketball, snowboarding, and learning more about subjects that piques his interest.

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